Peter Lowy Associates Breakfast

The Vision of Frank Lowy

Many years ago the Australian Frank Lowy envisioned a future in which shopping malls were huge. That is why during the 1950s he founded a shopping mall-focused organization called Westfield Group. His vision was absolutely correct and the organization grew quickly and astronomically. In 2011 Frank relinquished control of the business to his sons while continuing to have a presence in company affairs. Today his creation has made him one of the richest men in Australia. Since early this century, he has also been a generous philanthropist.


The Current Leadership of Westfield

Today the now hugely successful company is run by his two sons, Peter and Stephen Lowy. Peter Lowy is considered one of the most respected leaders of shopping centers in the world. Along with his brother, he presently helms the direction of 124 centers throughout the U.S., U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. Peter Lowy definitely knows what he is doing. Before even coming to Westfield, he earned his B.A. from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He worked in investment banking for several years. He has been diligently working with Westfield Group since 1983 and one of its managing directors since 1997.


Peter’s Leadership

As mentioned, Peter ascended to be co-CEO in 2011. A little over two years ago, Peter very nearly decided to leave Westfield but remained upon the urging of his dad and brother. He said they convinced him that the future prospects of the company were “exciting”. Peter works in cooperation with the Milken Institute Associates, a non-profit group that discusses financial issues and applying those issues to the real world. Under his leadership and the sound advice of the Milken Institute, Westfield is ever growing and reaching into new areas of expertise. He will be hosting a breakfast meeting for all Milken Institute employees. To learn more information about this meeting, contact Mindy Silverstein at either her phone (310-570-4634) or email ( <>) or click this peter lowy associates breakfast for more information.

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